Chiquita. It's Natural to be Good.

Linda is a little girl who loves yellow
She loves yellow flowers…
Yellow balloons…
Of course, the yellow sun, a yellow sky
And even yellow fish.
“Why Yellow?”, you may be wondering.
Well, because Yellow is joyful.
Yellow is brilliant.
Yellow just makes things better.
Like Chiquita Banana!
Healthier. Tastier, and Happier.
You don’t believe it?
Try a bite.

Chiquita. It’s Natural to be Good.

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About Linda

Yellow... is good!

“The Yellow Story” brings us into a world of joy and simplicity with the story of Linda, a little girl who loves yellow, with the aim to create an emotional connection and inspire joy.

Yellow is the color of the most beautiful things in the life, like sun, cheerfulness, optimism, good vibes … and of course Chiquita Banana, that gives a different taste to every moment! Try a bite!

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Armando Testa
Executive Creative Director
Michele Mariani
Art Director
Barbara Ghiotti
Sara Greco
Client Service
Gina Graci
Cinzia Pedrizzetti
Director of Photography
Eira Wyn Jones
Production Company
Armando Testa Studios
Music and sound design
Moka music
Original Chiquita jingle
Words and Music by Garth Montgomery, Leonard Mackenzie, William Wirges, under license to and used with permission from Chiquita Brands L.L.C. © 1945 Shawnee Press, Inc.
Eva De Poli
Beatrice Barrilà
Alan Zeni
Ivana Menegardo
Caterina Luciani

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