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Build a healthy breakfast with Chiquita bananas

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سبتمبر 21st 2020 ・ 7 min reading

A survey found that one in five of us skip a healthy breakfast, the most important meal of the day – this means it’s great news that Better Breakfast Day on 26th September, is nearly here!

We need to make sure we all remember how important it is to start the day the right way. And there could be no better start than a healthy breakfast that contains a tasty Chiquita banana.

A well-balanced and nutritious and healthy breakfast gives your body the jump start it needs for a busy day, giving you that burst of energy you need to get you out of the door. Chiquita bananas deliver the best taste, and they’re a very handy snack in their own lovely yellow carry case if your alarm went to sleep and you’re in a rush – perfect to eat out of the hand. It’s the taste that never disappoints!

We also have some great healthy breakfast recipes to add some fun and pep to your morning – as you’ll see, if Better Breakfast Day is there to remind us that a healthy breakfast is better, a solidly-balanced and super tasty breakfast with a Chiquita banana is just the best! Try these great options for the perfect start to your day.


Carrot cake Chiquita banana bread

A truly yummy breakfast you can bake ahead of time and enjoy in the morning, this amazing recipe adds fabulous banana taste and moisture to a delicious carrot cake, along with the zest and juice of an orange, ground almonds and chopped walnuts. You know you want to try this one out!

Vegan Chiquita banana bread waffles

When you need a quick but mouth-watering breakfast, this is the one to reach for – these super waffles are simply made from bananas, oat milk, maple syrup and wheat flour to create a fluffy and delightful waffle you’ll reach for again and again.

Chiquita banana bread pancakes

Another super-easy recipe, these great pancakes use Chiquita bananas in a really original way – split in half and caramelized, with the creamy batter spooned on top of the halves for a very different and incredibly tasty version of the breakfast pancake. These truly are too good to resist, so give in to temptation, is our advice!

Peanut butter Chiquita banana cupcakes

There’s nothing like a delicious and healthy muffin to start the day feeling good, and these are absolutely the best muffins you’ll ever eat. The mashed Chiquita bananas add their own delicious flavour and moistness to the basic muffin recipe, and the topping adds sliced banana to a mouthwatering peanut butter icing. We’d like these at any time of day – first thing in the morning? Absolutely!

Vegan Chiquita banana cream cupcakes

Mashed Chiquita bananas and rice milk add a really luxurious texture to these fabulous cupcakes, and a topping of icing and chopped banana provides the perfect finish to a truly dreamy muffin. Pack one of these for a lunchtime snack too – that’s what we’re planning to do!

Chiquita bananas are not only great on their own as the perfect portable breakfast when you’re on the go. They’re also the most tasty, versatile ingredient you can find for those days when you have the time to perfect a healthy and delicious start to your day. Packed full of important vitamins, natural sugars, vital minerals like potassium, and heart-healthy soluble fibre, they’re the perfect breakfast choice. Bananas provide a long-lasting energy boost to take you through your day whatever challenges may be in store. Grab a Chiquita banana for Better Breakfast Day and start your morning in the best possible way!

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