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Chiquita Celebrates First Day of Summer with Refreshing Recipes

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يوليو 1st 2022 ・ min reading

Here comes summer! Summer means getting outside at last, getting active and shaking off the days of staying indoors. Whether you’re celebrating the first official day of summer on June 21 with outdoor fun, or planning a list of activities, Chiquita bananas will keep you refreshed, nourished, and energized throughout the season of sunshine!

Chiquita bananas aren’t just delicious, they’re also good for you and full of nutrients including essential vitamins, fiber and minerals. Traditional summer snacks such as chips and processed goods tend to be loaded with sodium which can contribute to water retention and increased blood pressure. Bananas are naturally sodium free and have plenty of potassium, vitamin B6 and vital nutrients that help reduce fatigue and keeps your engine running. Just what you need for an active and healthy summer.

We’ve got a few Chiquita banana summer recipes for you to give you a long-lasting energy boost for a summer of fun with family and friends!

Frozen banana nice cream by Chiquita

One of the best things about summer is that you get those perfect afternoons for hanging out with your friends. Barbeques, long leisure lunches, afternoon teas, strolls in the park etc. A nice healthy cold dessert could be the perfect addition to these sunny days. If you want a low fat, healthy alternative to ice cream, here’s a recipe for a summertime snack. Just pop a handful of Chiquita bananas in the freezer the night before the barbecue and you’ll be able to whip up fresh and fruity frozen nice cream in just minutes. Kids will love cooling down on a hot afternoon with this yummy treat, but even the adults will be lining up for a scoop. Make sure you have plenty!

Frozen banana & matcha smoothie by Chiquita

Summertime wellness vibes have inspired this smoothie recipe. It mixes the fruity deliciousness of a Chiquita banana with the exotic taste of matcha, drenched in an ice-cold milk of your choice. Whether you’re in the mood for a morning meditation or a yoga class, this recipe is perfect pre or post your wellness activity – fill a pitcher and grab your mat to enjoy this tasty cool-down snack.

Healthy cucumber granita with Chiquita banana and mint

One of the great things about summer is the warmer evenings, where we enjoy dining al fresco. What better way than to cool down after a day at the beach or enjoying the park than a granita stuffed bursting with refreshing and hydrating cucumber and Chiquita banana? Lactose free and full of vitamins, this delicious drink could become your new favourite beverage.

Healthy baked Chiquita banana chips

This summer, many of us are eager to put our globe-trotter hats on and reignite our love for adventure! Whether you’re spending time in a car on a road trip, or hopping on a flight, this healthy and wonderfully delicious baked banana chips recipe is a perfect snack to much on. These chips are baked instead of fried, leaving them light and delicious. Using Chiquita bananas provides a natural sweetener so no additional sugar is needed!

Fruit salad with Chiquita bananas in coconut bowls

When you think of bananas, you think of sunshine, and what better way to bring the sunshine than a tropical sensation for dessert. Imagine yourself on a white beach as you munch on delicious Chiquita bananas, pineapples and coconut while enjoying the antioxidant boost. The taste of the tropics!

It’s time to get excited and get outside! Sunny days are here again and holidays are back on. We hope you’ll love these recipes – the perfect way to make Chiquita bananas the centre of your summer. With plenty of potassium for vitality and vitamin B6 to boost your bounce, enjoy summer with a smile.

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