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Go Green with Chiquita! Good for You, Good for the Planet

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يوليو 13th 2022 ・ 8 min reading

When you think of Chiquita bananas, you probably think of yellow fruit. And yes, a ripe banana is truly delicious, a wonderful taste of the tropics that brings the sunshine to your day. It might surprise you to learn though that a green Chiquita banana is not just full of nutrients, it’s also remarkably versatile.

Of course, green is the color of environmentalism. The people who inspired the environmental movement chose green to represent it because it speaks of nature and freshness to us. It’s the color of life, vitality, new beginnings. Green grass creates a strong contrast with the grey of cities and we all love to get away from the grind by spending time in nature, where greens dominate the color spectrum. And we’ve become used to the idea that green foods are good for us. It’s a natural sign of healthiness.

Carbon Reduction

Chiquita bananas are perfect if you care about your carbon footprint. For the 80g of CO2 equivalent, one green Chiquita banana packs in the nutrients, including potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6 as well as lots of fiber to help keep your gut healthy. Because they’re grown in the sunshine, they don’t need any hothousing, using much less energy than some foods. And they can naturally stay green for quite some time, so they can be shipped with lower-energy methods, such as by boat rather than plane. They even come in their own packaging! A banana’s peel protects the fruit, and there’s no need for individual plastic wrapping.

At Chiquita, we take green seriously. Chiquita helps to create a positive impact by implementing the principles of sustainability in all its business practices under the “Behind the Blue Sticker” initiative. We at Chiquita work constantly to co-create value for our customers, suppliers, associates and the community.

Last year Chiquita marked an exciting milestone with the launch of our 30 by 30 carbon reduction initiative verified by SBTi, continuing our long-standing commitment to sustainability and positioning Chiquita at the leading edge in the fight against climate change among fruit companies.

Going green

So green is good! You’ll often see Chiquita bananas in their green form at the shops, to buy and ripen at home. However, did you know that you can also eat Chiquita bananas green? Yes, you can, and they’re great for your health. Eat your Chiquita bananas green and you’ll get even more fiber than you will from yellow ones — great for a healthy bowel. You’ll find them a bit less sweet but you make up for that with the most vitamins and minerals a banana can have, including vitamin B6, which helps in making red blood cells and boosts your immune system. Like Chiquita bananas of all colors, they’re a great source of potassium, with 10g in a small banana giving you about 18 percent of your daily needs. Potassium’s crucial for your nervous system and helps keep your blood pressure stable. They also contain a good dose of Vitamin C, provitamin A and a wealth of minerals too.

Green recipes from around the world

It’s no wonder that people around the world love their Chiquita bananas green. There has even been an upsurge in popularity of using green banana flour for recipes targeted at paleo, gluten-free and grain-free cooking. Green banana biomass (green bananas blended with water) is also becoming known as a new superfood due to its health benefits.

Here are some recipes to whet the appetite and use those nutritious Chiquita green bananas from your fruit bowl:

Chiquita green banana shrimp salad

In the Caribbean, people eat green bananas like vegetables, loving them in salads like this one. Green Chiquita bananas make a perfect partner for shrimp, adding a vitamin punch to the freshness of seafood in this light and delicious salad.

Fried marinated shrimp with peas, rice and fried green banana

If you’re in the Caribbean mood, you could try a dinner that’s come straight from the lush tropical greenery of the islands with this shrimp and banana dish. Pack in the protein with this dish, with the green Chiquita bananas providing plenty of fiber to keep your gut healthy.

Healthy Thai curry-coconut soup with Chiquita bananas

In Asia, people love their green bananas in a huge variety of ways, particularly in curries.

You might never have thought of having your Chiquita bananas in a soup but this Thai delight will make you think again. Coconut and fried green Chiquita banana make a combination that once you’ve had it, you will fall in love with this easy way to put more vitamins on your plate.

Indian chicken curry with Chiquita banana, cauliflower and spinach

Get some added fiber into your chicken curry with green Chiquita bananas. With plenty of green vegetables to add to the bioactive compounds, such as phenols and resistant starch, you’ll find this a spicy way to get some goodness into you.

2022 is the year of recovery, getting back to nature and caring for our planet so what better color to represent this than Green! By adding green Chiquita bananas to your diet, you are not only looking after your own health better, but you will also be sharing Chiquita’s vision of greener future for our environment.

To learn more about our Sustainability initiatives, click here.

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